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    Turn Violations

    The severity of a turn violation can be a minor offence or a serious offence depending upon if it leads to a collision, accident or damage. A turn violation may lead to a penalty of two demerits, a conviction on your driving record for two years, a bump in your insurance premium. You may be charged with a turn violation for any of the following reasons:

    • Illegal U-turns
    • Turning on a red light
    • Turning left in a no-turn zone
    • Failing to yield while turning
    • Disobeying a sign

    Our paralegals are licenced to provide services by The Law Society of Upper Canada and have provided legal assistance to thousands of drivers charged with turn violations.


    PTT Traffic Tickets Team creates a concrete legal defense to gain an acquittal and to avoid the following penalties:

    • Two demerit points
    • A conviction that remains on your driving record for up to three years
    • A $110 fine
    • Insurance premium increase

    In addition, if your turn resulted in an accident, you may be deemed at fault for the accident, which has its own implications. We represent you throughout the process and check the prosecutor’s notes, understanding your case and building a legal defense to have all charges against you dropped, protect your driver’s license, and potential points against it. Should this not be the outcome we will work to negotiate a lesser fine, and if applicable, less jail time.

    PTT Traffic Tickets is committed to providing effective legal services you can afford. Protect your driving freedom. Call us now for your free consultation.

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