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    Failing to Stop at a Red Light

    Negligence in completely stopping the vehicle in front of the red lights may result in severe penalties and suspensions for the driver. This could impact your premiums as insurance companies tend to view this charge as a significant offense.

    What happens if you fail to stop at a red light?

    A conviction for a red light – fail to stop carries 3 demerit points and a set fine of $260.00 + surcharge. Any conviction for a red light – fail to stop will stay on your driving record for three years.

    How do we help you in a failure to stop at a red light case?

    PTT Traffic Tickets plans for each red light case by requesting and looking into the cop’s notes and demanding proof. We prepare for and present your case on your behalf. This guarantees our groups of experts are constantly arranged to handle your inability to stop at a traffic ticket before we have even strolled into the court.

    On the other hand, the ticket can be challenged in court. The principal prompt advantage is that by recording the issue with the court, the offense won’t be noticeable on your driving history for fault focuses or protection purposes while your case stays under the watchful eye of the court. When a court date has been set for your issue, the barrier would then be able to petition for the arrival of the proof that the Prosecutor’s Office will use at preliminary. A prepared and authorized paralegal can survey that proof and meet with the Prosecutor for your sake to decide whether there are any lawful imperfections that would warrant pulling back the charge against you. In the event that there is no lawful contention to have the charge pulled back, at that point arrangements can be gone into to check whether an understanding can be reached to lessen the charge to a lesser offense.

    Why choose PTT Traffic Tickets to represent your failure to stop at the red signal case?

    PTT Traffic tickets had been dealing with such cases for over ten years. We contest your ticket at court and educate you on your rights. The first thing we do is to ensure that you do not face an insurance bump or driver demerits until the matter is resolved. By filing a dispute against the ticket, your driver status and insurance remain intact.

    Our experienced team needs with the prosecutor on our behalf to gather evidence and determine if there are any legal drawbacks to their case. If the prosecutor does not agree to absolve or reduce the charges, we argue your case in the court. Our goal is to get the charges withdrawn or reduced to the minimal possible penalty.


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