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    Driving Without a License

    Have you been pulled over without your driver’s license? This offense will stay on your driver’s abstract for three years and could significantly affect your insurance premiums. It is important for a non-legal person to find representation when caught without a driver’s license or a suspended license. A license may be suspended for the following reasons:

    • Not paying a traffic or parking ticket
    • Too many demerit points
    • Not paying child support
    • Stunt driving

    Have you been caught driving without a license in Ontario? To protect Ontario citizens and promote safe driving, the province has strict laws against Driving Without A Licence or With a Suspended License or an Expired License


    To be legally allowed to drive, you must hold a valid license of the appropriate class for the vehicle you are driving. This offense applies to anyone driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver’s license. If you have been issued a driver’s license and it expires and you do not renew it, you could be guilty of this offense.

    Upon conviction of driving with no license, the different penalties are:

    • A fine of between $200 – $1,000
    • A conviction on your driving record for 3 years
    • Demerit points
    • Raised insurance rates
    • Even potential jail time

    If you never had a license, you would be subjected to lesser penalties and higher fines.


    In some cases, you may realize afterward being pulled over that you have forgotten your license. Even though they own a valid license, you may be unable to prove this to the police officer. Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation states that a picture of the license may not be used in lieu of your license as it can be tampered with. Therefore, it is on the officer’s discretion to give a citation or a warning. Failure to produce a license is presumed to mean the driver does not have a valid driver’s license, and it is the driver’s obligation to produce a license in the court in order to avoid the punishment.


    At PTT Traffic Tickets, we will do our best to make the process of fighting your driving without a licensed ticket as easy as possible. Whether it’s answering any questions you may have, keeping you updated on our progress, or attending court on your behalf, our team of dedicated and experienced paralegals and ex-policemen ensures you are able to retain your license and suffer the least penalties.

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