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    Operating A Motor Vehicles Without Insurance

    If you are charged with operating a motor vehicle without insurance, obtain our legal representation immediately. Our team of experienced paralegals will answer all of your questions during your free consultation with PTT Traffic Tickets.

    What happens when you are caught driving without insurance?

    The law states that no owner of a motor vehicle shall operate, or permit another person to operate that vehicle without valid insurance. Monthly insurance premiums can sometimes seem a bit costly and unaffordable, however, the financial liabilities associated with a charge of driving without insurance are much higher.

    Why choose us to fight your driving without insurance ticket?

    The charge of operating a motor vehicle without insurance is deemed an extremely serious offence and the penalties reflect that. Beyond the penalty, you can also be subjected to losing your license. To avoid this, and to get you the lightest penalty possible, we ensure that you have an expert team specializing in this field. We will take the time to explain your options, answer your questions, and guide you through the next steps.

    We can save you from following penalties that you can get if you are found guilty of driving without insurance:

    • For a first conviction – minimum $5,000 fine + 25% surcharge = $6,250
    • For a second conviction – minimum $10,000 fine +25% surcharge = $12,500

    If convicted, you are also facing a potential suspension of your driver’s licence for up to one year.

    All of PTT Traffic Tickets’ paralegals are licenced to provide legal services by The Law Society of Ontario. This ensures that all of our clients receive the most professional, confidential, and secure legal representation.

    We will examine your case thoroughly, ordering and reviewing the police officer’s notes and disclosure evidence in advance. This will ensure you a great defence when we represent you in court.

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