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    HOV Lane

    A Carpool Lane or HOV Lane Violation

    A High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane or Carpool Lane specifies criteria depicting who is allowed access to the lane. The most commonly known criteria are that you have more than a depicted set number of passengers in the vehicle along with you.

    You can use the Carpool lane or the High Occupancy Vehicle Lane if

    • You are driving a car with more than 2 passengers
    • vans/ light trucks/ limousines/ registered taxis/buses
    • Emergency vehicles, police vehicles
    • vehicles with green plates and motorcycles

    Failure to adhere can result in one of two HOV lane charges:

    • Improper use of high occupancy vehicle lane – HTA 154 (1)(3)
    • Fail to obey lane sign – HTA 154 (1) (c)

    The criteria can differ depending on the lane, type of road, and the signage in place.

    Ultimately, if you do not meet the depicted requirements and are caught within, entering, or exiting an HOV lane, you are committing a traffic violation. These offenses may seem like very minor violations, however, the penalties for these offenses will affect your driving record and could raise your insurance premiums.

    PTT Traffic Tickets ensures you avoid these penalties for improper use of high occupancy vehicle lane:

    • Three demerit points
    • $110.00 set fine
    • A conviction on your driving record
    • Penalties for failing to obey lane sign

    Don’t take your chances with a conviction. Hire our expert legal team to create the perfect defense strategy for your ticket. We meet with your prosecutor and negotiate a dismissal or reduction of your fines. In cases, when prosecutors do not agree to acquit you, we represent you in court to make your case and get you acquitted.

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