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    The Demerit Point System

    Demerit Points remain on your driving record for two years from the date the traffic ticket is received. You could potentially lose your driver’s licence for accumulating too many points.

    Demerit points are entered on the record of drivers who commit certain offences under the Highway Traffic Act. They can also be applied under some municipal by-laws, provincial or federal statutes, or regulations relating to road safety.

    Novice drivers in Ontario can accrue up to 8 demerit points, while fully licenced drivers may accumulate up to 14 demerit points. Once you reach 15 demerit points, as a fully licenced driver, or nine demerit points, as a novice driver, the Ontario Ministry of Transportation will suspend your driver’s licence for 30 days (full licence) or 60 days (novice licence) for the first demerit point violation. A second demerit point suspension will result in a six-month suspension.

    Fail to Remain at the Scene of an Accident 7 Points
    Stunt Driving – Exceeding Speed Limit by 50 km/h or More 6 Points
    Careless Driving 6 Points
    Fail to Stop for School Bus 6 Points
    Speeding – 16 – 29 km/h 3 Points
    Speeding – 30 – 49 km/h 4 Points
    Seatbelt Offences 2 Points
    Fail to Obey a Stop Sign, Traffic Control Signal or Railway Crossing Signal 3 Points
    Improper Use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Lane 3 Points
    Hand-held communication/entertainment device (first conviction) 3 Points
    Hand-held communication/entertainment device (second or subsequent conviction) 6 Points

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