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    Disobeying A Stop Sign - Failure To Stop

    Fighting a Failure To Stop ticket

    A failure to stop sign implies that a driver failed to completely stop at a stop sign. Regardless of the driver getting into a collision because of this occurrence or not, the offense is made in a single second when they fail to completely stop at the stop line.

    You may feel in these cases that it is the prosecutor’s word against yours. But, PTT Traffic Tickets deals with your traffic tickets regarding failure to obey the stop sign efficiently to ensure that you do not always have to plead guilty.

    There are many ways to get your Disobeying the stop sign ticket dismissed

    We do this by proving that you stopped later on, by proving the stop sign may not have been visible, by establishing technical flaws in the respective stop sign, proving insufficient evidence, etc.

    Self-representing defendants often don’t realize the nuances of the case and accept unfair settlements and hit to their driving record. We handle all your court filings and court proceedings on your behalf. You do not even have to show up at court. We secure the officer notes and our team of former policemen verifies its validity.

    We have a great success rate in getting Fighting a Stop Sign penalty dismissed or significantly reduced to protect you from these penalties:

    • A cash fine of $85
    • Conviction on the driving record for 3 years
    • Three demerit points

    By choosing PTT Traffic Tickets as your legal representative, you will have a better chance of getting your ticket canceled. We do the heavy lifting for you and our team of Highway Traffic Act assures you are able to move past this with your driver’s record and insurance intact.

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