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    Careless Driving

    How do you fight a careless driving offense?

    PTT Traffic Tickets is a legal team specializing in representing clients with potential careless driving offenses.

    With our impressive court process success rates, we keep your driving record safe. If a serious violation is what caused the careless driving sentence, the PTT Traffic Tickets team will do its best to keep the driver from getting jail time as a measure.

    Careless Driving is a serious driver’s offense regulated by the Highway Traffic Act and it is applied in case the driver does not pay sufficient attention to possible endangering of other drivers on the road.

    A careless driving ticket is a nightmare, even more so for a non-professional unaware of the nuances. We know the best possible ways to prepare the perfect defense for your careless driving case. Our team of former policemen is here to ensure that your driving record stays clean while reducing the fine significantly.

    When you fight a careless driving case on your own, you subject yourself to:

    • A fine that is not less than $400 and not more than $2,000
    • Six demerit points
    • Driver’s License suspension in length up to two years, depending on the details of the event that has caused such a sentence
    • A possible jail term in the duration of no longer than 6 months that could be combined with the cash fine

    Many different situations could trigger a careless driving sentence. Amongst other reasons, by physically endangering other drivers, there is a chance of even worse penalties.

    If the driver is charged with careless driving causing bodily harm or death, the penalties could be as following:

    • A fine that is not less than $2000 and not more than $50,000
    • A possible jail term in the duration of two years
    • Driver’s License suspension in the length of 5 years
    • Six demerit points


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