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    Seatbelt Violations

    How to fight a Seatbelt Violations

    The set fine for any seatbelt infraction is $200.00. Any conviction for a seatbelt infraction will remain on your driving record for three years.

    Seatbelt infractions also include the driver or passenger of a motor vehicle not wearing, or not properly wearing their seatbelt; driver not ensuring that passengers under the age of 16 are wearing their seatbelt; not occupying a position with a seatbelt, not ensuring that a child passenger or toddler is properly secured; driving a vehicle with the seatbelt removed or inoperative.

    How can PTT Traffic Tickets help you fight a seatbelt ticket?

    PTT Traffic Tickets prepares for every seatbelt case by ordering and reviewing the Police Officer’s notes and disclosure evidence before we attend court on your behalf. This ensures that our team of professionals are always prepared to represent you before we have even walked into the courtroom.

    Driving with an inoperative seatbelt or being charged as a passenger not wearing a seatbelt does not carry any demerit points. However, any other seatbelt infraction carries two demerit points against your driver’s license.

    We fight against a seatbelt ticket by understanding your case completely. Each case is treated uniquely by our team.

    Our team gathers the case notes, understands charges, and determines if we can claim a reasonable doubt or claim due diligence.

    Our legal team assures you are not penalized under the following exemptions:

    • Driving a motor vehicle in reverse
    • Medical reasons (accompanied by a certificate from a medical practitioner)
    • Being engaged in work that requires you to exit from your vehicle at frequent intervals as long as the vehicle does not travel above 40km/hour


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