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    Got A Stunt Driving Ticket?

    Stunt driving is a serious offense. The only time you get charged with a stunt driving ticket is when you are driving 50 km/hr over the speed limit. There are several negative implications of getting charged with Stunt driving.

    1. License Suspension
    2. Car impounded
    3. A Fine up to $10000
    4. Up to six months in jail

    Did you know? You do not necessarily have to be racing another vehicle in order to be charged with stunt driving. Putting your friend in the trunk of your car can also be construed as stunt driving. The fine for stunt driving is twice as much as for drunk driving.

    The implications of stunt driving

    We understand a conviction for Stunt Driving can be devastating and can take a toll on you and all your resources. Thus, we offer the best customer service along with our legal advice to make this process easier for you.

    Some examples of stunt driving are lifting some/all tires from the surface, competing between two or more vehicles, losing traction while turning, cutting someone off where you should slow down. Upon conviction of stunt driving the penalties are:

    • Six demerit points
    • A fine of between $2,000.00 – $10,000.00
    • A possible suspension of your driver’s license for a period of no more than two years
    • A possible term of imprisonment for up to six months
    • If convicted of Stunt Driving, your insurance could be affected for up to three years or more.

    A single conviction for stunt driving can bump your insurance rates. Some insurance companies don’t even insure you once you have been convicted of Stunt driving.

    How can PTT Traffic Tickets help you fight a stunt driving charge?

    PTT Traffic Tickets’ team of professionals represent you in court to eliminate your stunt driving charges partially or entirely. On the set date, we gather the documentation and officer notes for the case. To Be Spoken To dates are generally arranged 2-4 weeks after your appearing in the court. This allows us to negotiate or build a defense for your trial.

    PTT Traffic Tickets offers you legal experts that meet the highest standards of the Law Society of Upper Canada and ex-policeman who have experience in being on the prosecution as well as defense side of the court. Even when it is difficult to dismiss, we negotiate a reduction in the charges and penalties that could be as follows :

    • Driving that indicates the driver is engaged in a competition
    • Driving to block or prevent another vehicle from passing
    • Chasing another vehicle on the road
    • Driving without care or consideration for other drivers using the roadway
    • Spinning a vehicle in a circle with no control (aka a “donut”)

    Service guarantee

    Yes, if we are not successful in quashing your ticket. We will refund the balance of your payment less a one hour fee, for the time put in.

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