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    Why Fight The Ticket?

    You were pulled over and issued a ticket by the police!

    Remember, you are innocent until proven guilty! We have the expertise to help you!

    Is a traffic ticket more than just a fine?

    YES! it is true, there is usually a fine attached to each ticket, but that is just the start!.

    Along with the fine are ‘demerit points‘ which the provincial government can use against you, possibly taking away your license if you accumulate too many. On top of that, your insurance company can use your demerit point accumulation against you as ‘higher risk’ This is where it hurts the most!

    PTT Traffic Tickets will provide a FREE Consultation, advising you on your options and plan of attack – We Will Win!

    We will tell you what will happen to you now, and in the future as a result of your ticket and what *could* happen if you just accept the ticket as is.

    *Remember* the fine is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Insurance rates can jump up as much as 200% as the result of a traffic ticket!

    By using our services, you can avoid all of this hassle, from demerit points to potentially excessive insurance rates! Click here for your FREE consultation!

    If for no other reason that insurance rates, you should keep your driving record as clean as possible. Careless Driving and even something as trivial as a minor speeding ticket can make your insurance rates double or triple!

    You always have the option of defending yourself in court, but what is your expense of missing a day of work? what if you make a mistake? We know traffic tickets and the court system surrounding them. remember, the consultation is FREE, so why not get a hold of us first?

    How much does it cost?

    Our cost varies depending on each situation, however, it is far less than the full cost when you factor in ticket fine, plus missed work, plus insurance rate increases. Trust us, its worth it!

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