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    Failing to Remain at the Scene

    Failing to remain at the collision or other accident scene is one of the most serious charges in the Highway Traffic Act. If such a situation occurs, both drivers and witnesses are obligated to remain on the scene and provide sufficient information regarding the accident to the officers responsible. If you’re involved in an accident or are a witness at the scene, you are also required to provide any person(s) involved with the following information:

    • Name and address
    • Driver’s Licence number and jurisdiction
    • The vehicle’s insurer and policy number
    • the name and address of the registered owner of the vehicle
    • permit number

    If you refuse to remain on the scene, the police officers may choose any of the following protocols:

    • An officer investigates the incident and contacts you
    • They complete the report and transfer it to a detective
    • The driver goes to Accident reporting Centre to fill out the report

    The failure to remain at the scene of the accident charge may fall under the Criminal Code of Canada or under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act as a traffic ticket violation. In either case, you must obtain legal help from our experts at PTT Traffic Tickets to minimize the following penalties:

    Under the Highway Traffic Act:

    • A fine of between $400-$2000
    • Seven demerit points
    • Possible suspension of your driver’s license for up to two years
    • Possible jail time of up to six months

    Under the Criminal Code of Canada:

    • Possible Jail time up to 5 years
    • License suspension
    • A criminal record for life
    • Fines
    • Probation, restitution, etc.

    PTT Traffic Tickets is a highly respected legal organization specializing in the Highway Traffic Act. Our team comprises of the best legal and experts and experienced former policemen. We represent you so that you can maintain a clean driver’s abstract and your insurance premiums.

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